About us

We are revolutionising the way cities charge electric vehicles with our innovative and cost effective solution. The lack of accessible charging points is a major barrier to the widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles, especially for those who park in the street.

Our solution is to use existing lamp posts as a charging point, leveraging infrastructure and spare power capacity, thanks to the replacement of halogen light bulbs with L.E.D. lights. This reduces installation costs up to 95% and eliminates the need for civil works. Only 30 minutes versus several days installation.

Our environmentally friendly, low effort, low cost yet universally accessible approach, sets us apart from the competition and is the quickest and easiest way to set up charging infrastructure in the city. LuminaEV is built to solve core problems, affordable charging options for citizens and easy to implement green solutions for cities.

LuminaEV is the solution for the EV transition. Light up the dark, charge the future

With an estimated market size of 3 billion euros by 2027 in Europe, LuminaEV is poised for growth and profitability. Our experience and diversity is passionate about revolutionising urban mobility.

Lumina EV Founders Eduardo Mascarell, Gary Bushnell, Jenefa Justin, Nochi Tu